Cold Brew Coffee (not to be confused with Iced coffee which is Brewed Hot and then chilled) naturally extracts the best out of coffee using Time instead of Heat. Conventional Heat extraction, although much faster, denatures and destabilises coffee compounds, resulting in some of the undesirable taste and effects of Conventional Coffee. Here are some of the main differences:

  • No / Low Bitterness: Heat ‘forces’ coffee compounds to be extracted quickly, including bitter compounds. While slow brewed with time without heat goes through a more Smooth, Stable and Selective extraction, resulting in coffee packed with Aroma, Bold and Full flavours, without the bitterness.
  • Low Acidity: Lower Extraction Temperature = Lower Acidity Extracted, which means much lower acidic impact and gentler on your Teeth Enamel, Stomach and Breathe.
  • Stability: While Hot brewed coffee turn bad in a matter of minutes, our Cold Brew Concentrate stays fresh chilled for more than 2 weeks. This huge difference is due to the fact that coffee compounds are not exposed to any heat during the entire extraction process for cold brew. Unlike conventional brewing methods using heat, causing coffee compounds to denature and turn unstable quickly.

Definitely not. You have complete control over your coffee, 15 Cups per Bottle is a general guide. It can range anywhere from 8-22 cups depending on your preferred cup size and thickness (we recommend 1 part coffee concentrate to 2 parts water).

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