Our Mission

Beans of Nature is a locally registered company, home-grown brand born with the mission to revolutionise the heavy commercialisation and mass production of poor quality, stale and overpriced coffee that have plagued this industry islandwide.

Our Philosophy

Instead of treating coffee merely as a commodity for large-scale production and distribution, we deeply respect them as living, breathing, gems of nature. This philosophy is firmly rooted in every detail of our production phrases: from source, to craft, and lastly to your doorstep and cup.

Our Approach

Coffee with Conscience

Not only do we tirelessly strive for the highest standards in our coffee craft to deliver the finest coffee experience, we also continuously ensure that our coffee beans are grown the natural way, with its natural environment being sustainably cultivated and farmers fairly compensated.

Rather than exploiting our environment and farmers for self-indulgence, we sincerely believe that only when holistic & mutually beneficial relationships are established, can we then achieve true coffee excellence.

In addition, we aim to do our part in eradicating all single-use styrofoam / plastic / plastic-coated paper cups & straws in the coffee industry. They have been both poisoning the consumers (especially with hot coffee), polluting our oceans and nature for far too long.

What we deliver is never just coffee, but a complete experience to revitalise your senses, reconnecting you one step closer towards mother nature every morning.

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